Content marketing has never been more important that it is today. Your potential clients and customers are constantly presented with a barrage of advertisements, via television, radio stations, billboards, magazines…everywhere. Its no wonder that they have tuned out this method of advertising out. It’s simply become too overwhelming, in turn making it less effective than ever.

Due to this current situation, engaging in content marketing has become essential for any individual, business, or organization that wants to stand out from the crowd and make their voice heard.

Effective content marketing – the practice of publishing useful content on a regular basis – has the ability to attract and keep more customers than ever, all without your target audience even realizing that you are advertising to them. Strategically marketing to your audience by providing valuable, relevant, and interesting information has the potential to gain their loyalty in the form of sales, thus growing your business like never before.

Rather than constantly pitching your products and services to your customers, this form of communication is much more effective. This is because it maintains a more personal connection with your readers, while also producing greater results as far as sales are concerned.

Effective content marketing has the potential to reach its target audience, form a connection, and encourage a purchase – all without the customer ever feeling like they were being pitched a deal.

Content Marketing Ideas

How to Make Content Marketing Work For You

In order to make content marketing work for you, there are some tried and tested strategies you can adopt. For starters, in today’s market it would seem that every business has a website and every website has a blog. As WordPress continues to remain the most popular content management system being used in today’s digital world, it would only make sense to take advantage of this platform for the content marketing needs of your business.

While its great that there so much information available devoted to content marketing, the downside is that it can be easy to become confused when it comes to getting started.

Therefore its vital that you have a plan sketched out before you get started. And not just any old plan, but one that will allow you to focus on your end goals, in order to create a straightforward path to getting there. In this article we will provide you some important items to consider when devising a content marketing strategy.

Following this advice and using these tips will increase your changes of maximizing the growth of your business and bring more success to your company. So let’s get started, by taking a look at some actionable tips that will help you grow your business with content marketing.

Content Marketing Plan

Creating a Content Marketing Plan

If you are just starting out in content marketing it is highly recommended that you have a plan in place before diving head first into content creation and publishing. Having a clear idea of the direction you want the content marketing of your products and services to go in will make things run much more smoothly in the long run.

Here are the top items to include in your content marketing plan:

  • Define Your Objectives – Figure out what your end goal is for your content marketing campaign.  For instance, is the purpose to generate leads, create awareness, improve reader loyalty, or increase sales? Outline the goals you would like to achieve for your business, as well as any potential obstacles (with solutions) that may get in your way.
  • Do Your Research – Find out what hasn’t been touched upon in your niche or what needs improving. Understand your audience’s needs and values so that you can create appropriate content written specifically for them. Do not forget to focus on what makes your business unique.
  • Analytics – Decide how you will measure and track the success of your content marketing strategies.
  • Consider Content Promotion – Promoting your content (and thus your business) is crucial to gaining loyal customers. Have an idea of how you will share your information in ways other than through your website.
  • Type of Content – Before creating any content, plan what form it will take (tutorials, guides, interviews, infographics, etc.). Decide how you will deliver this content, including which SEO methods you will employ to increase its exposure. Will your content be informational, opinionated, entertaining, curated, original, or a combination? Aim to include images in your content to ensure it catches the attention of your target audience and can help it generate more shares on social media.

These are the important steps to take in order to increase the chances that the message you send out via your content marketing efforts is focused and does not become mixed or diluted. By following this outline, you and your marketing team – should you have one – will have a clear and cohesive understanding of the goals of your company. This in turn will then make achieving those goals that much more attainable.

Free WordPress Content Marketing Plugins

Once you have identified your objectives and thought about what type of content will appeal to your target audience, it makes sense to streamline your approach as much as possible which you can do with some extra tools designed for this purpose. In this section we are going to take a look at a number of WordPress plugins which will help you plan and publish content using WordPress.

Editorial Calendar

The free Editorial Calendar plugin allows you to plan and schedule posts in a calendar layout. You drag posts to different dates and click to edit the post from the calendar screen. A good plugin for managing and planning when to release your content to make sure you always know when certain content is due to go live.


Download Plugin


“Scribe is a professional content marketing application designed for online content creators.” This plugin is designed for content marketers and allows you to conduct research into what type of content you should publish, it allows you to carry about keyword research to ensure the content aligns with your site and it has a connector tool which allows you to find bloggers and social media users that share a similar interest in the topics your site is focusing on. It should be noted that although the plugin is free to download, it will require a monthly subscription of $97 which puts it out of the budget of most small site owners.


Download Plugin

Edit Flow

Edit Flow is a great free plugin designed for multi-author sites. It allows you to collaborate with your team, plan content and assign it, you can set statuses for content such as “In Progress”, “Needs Edit” and “Ready to Publish”. You can leave comments on content and create user groups.


Download Plugin

Easy Content Templates

If you regularly publish posts with similar layouts such as list posts, reviews and so on, you can use the Easy Content Templates plugin to create predefined layouts and insert them into new posts so you have a starting point to fill in your content. Nice plugin which can save you time repeating the same steps each time you publish a new post in a series etc.


Download Plugin

Revive Old Post

This is a plugin which you can configure to send out automated updates to your social media accounts with links to your older content. This is a good way of keeping traffic going to older posts as they drop down in your blog. You can configure options such as post frequency, choose specific categories or tags to use and also set a date range so you are not sharing really old content.


Download Plugin

WordPress to Buffer

This plugin will allow you to send updates to your Buffer account for scheduled publishing to your social media accounts when you publish or update posts, pages and custom post types.


Download Plugin

Social Sharing

You will need to provide social sharing buttons on your content to encourage people to share your posts on their social media accounts. The is a freemium plugin which lets you add a range of different sharing options to your posts, you can upgrade to a paid version which gives you more options and layouts.


Download Plugin


If you are about to make the leap into content marketing its definitely a good idea to follow at least some sort of structured plan before doing so. All business at some point will be looking for a way to get ahead and grow, especially in the digital world and for most, content marketing provides the ideal solution.

What’s stopping you from getting started with content marketing? Have you got any questions about this form of marketing? Please leave a message in the comments below.

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